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Pageant Gown Trends

I know I promised that my next blog would be about prom dresses with cut outs, but over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Miss Illinois United States pageant which included five categories, Ms, Miss,Teen, Jr. Teen, PreTeen and Little Miss. I was so excited I had to blog about it. Let me tell you, these girls weren’t just bringing it, they were blinging it. It was so great to watch all the girls in their gorgeous pageant gowns and to see how incredibly poised they were in the interview portion of the pageant. One trend I saw a lot of was the trumpet pageant gown, or also called the mermaid pageant gown. The trumpet style Mermaid gown is so flattering no matter what body type you have. It is form fitted and accents your curves creating a beautiful silhouette. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for the judges to choose the winners as these girls were all so beautiful and each of their pageant gowns were stunning. I spotted to great variations on the two piece pageant gown. The first was worn by Marsha Lowe, Ms. Illinois United States 2014. She was wearing a stunning fringe beaded blue two piece dress and her skirt was to the knee. She looked amazing! The other two piece pageant gown that caught my eye was worn by Tabitha Turner who was the 1st runner up for Ms. Illinois United States 2015, her dress was nude. Her top was shorter than what we normally see, and was beaded, the under skirt was to the knee, and had a chiffon flowy illusion skirt over it, with a ribbon trim. I talked to her after the pageant, and she was as sweet as could be. I did manage to snap a picture with her, which I will post! Bejeweled is a huge fashion trend in the pageant world and that was showcased in the Miss Illinois United States Pageant, not only with the contestants but with some title holders who also attended. Yes, I am a girl who likes a bling on a dress.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.12.44 PM

Tabitha Turner in a beautiful two piece evening gown with chiffon


It goes without saying that bejeweled dresses make a statement on stage. Something about the way the lights reflect on the dresses made these beautiful girls really shine, which is probably why when it comes to pageant gowns, bling is the new black! Congratulations to all the winners tonight.

Thanks for reading my blog, and next week Harleigh hearts will be all about the cut out prom dress! Scroll down for my favorite color trends in pageant dresses!



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