One of my favorite trends this summer is the romper! They are comfortable, classy, and dressy but in a casual way. Another thing I love is that the romper comes in so many variations! You can find different colors, patterns, necklines, strap styles, as well as lengths of the shorts, and tightness. Rompers have become super trendy and popular this year! I know what you are thinking, aren’t they just for summer? Well, actually no! You can wear the romper with tights so you can use it during the winter or when it’s cooler, that’s another reason the romper is so great, it’s super versatile! You can dress it up with heels or wedges, or play it down with flats and sandals! So many celebrities are eating up this trend!

White Lace Romper

Here we see Selena Gomez (a personal fave of mine) rocking an adorable white lace romper! She has a little lace up front, and the white makes it look super sleek and summery! She dressed it up with some super cute gold heels, and sunglasses! Since this romper has long sleeves with gorgeous lace detail, a bracelet or cuff isn’t necessary

Tank Rompers


You can find this adorable “White Liar Romper” at Pink Slip Boutique! I love this romper because of the complex neckline and the adorable belt! The belt is buckled at the side, another style which is on trend now. The color makes it super flexible because you can use your accessories and shoes to play up any color you want! Make sure to check out Pink Slip Boutique’s online website and use my Promo Code HarleighPSRep for 10% off any online purchase you make!!

Sleeveless romper from ASTR, comes in three colors, hot pink, royal blue and black

Sleeveless romper from ASTR, comes in three colors, hot pink, royal blue and black


I also love this great romper from ASTR, comes in three colors, hot pink, royal blue and black!  It’s available at Nordstroms and it’s reasonably priced at $58.00.


Floral Summer Wedge Shoes


These shoes are from Jessica Simpson’s shoe collection. They are Anika – Sft Pink Cmbo Blsm Flrl Pt and really compliment any of these rompers. Coming from someone who owns them, they are cute and comfortable! Check my shoe section to see my review on them!!


SO, long story short, Rompers are the perfect summer closet item, and I can assure you they won’t be sitting in your closet very much! Leave your comments below about what you think of rompers and remember, KEEP SPARKLING!!



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