8th grade graduation dresses

May is such a busy month for 8th graders. There are school dances, graduations, graduation parties and confirmations. This means tons of ceremonies and celebrations. There is no doubt that style choices for tweens are different then style choices for teens. The year that I graduated from 8th grade I had so many parties and dances to go to and I had to choose the perfect dress for my graduation day. I still have the dresses hanging in my closet and to be honest, I have not worn one of them since. That is the thing about style, each year not only do the trends change but we change, we get older and our tastes change. A dress that I loved in 8th grade is simply not something I will wear now that I am in high school. That is just another one of the reasons I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charlotte’s Closet. 8th grade graduation dress rentals are the best. Not having to invest in a dress for a special occasion ten times a year allows me to experiment with fashion without having to spend a ton of money. WIN WIN!

If you are graduating from 8th grade and need a graduation dress for a party or the ceremony itself there are a many different dress styles that I think are great! What you choose depends of course on your body type and what makes you feel beautiful and special. One of the styles that is really showing up this year is the “skater” style. The reason it’s called “skater” is that it looks like the dresses worn by figure skaters. Now if you read my blog a while back you know that I was a figure skater, which is why I love this style for girls graduating 8th grade! What’s great about the style is that it has a flirty skirt bottom with a more fitted top. It’s super cute and very girly! Here is my favorite Charlotte’s Closet skater dress:

Stella MLia_Bimba_Royal_Peacock_1-rRMGf-CgdVH-lvtdM It comes in three colors too!


Another great style I love for 8th grade dances and parties is a short dress with a beaded top. We all know how I love the bling! What I love about this style is the way the dress will light up at a dance. Some of my favorite Charlotte’s Closet short sequined dresses are:

Dave & Johnny_8323_1-oYSIi-PDcTb-NNrDr
Dave & Johnny_6010_1-gGBmB-vmbuK-RfllG
Josh & Jazz_Q0154992SASZF_1-kJPNT-ppcUk-UrRWC

If you need a dress for graduation ceremony itself or your confirmation ceremony, I think that a bit more conservative is the way to go as you don’t want it too flashy or too poofy under your graduation gown. For that reason, I recommend a more fitted dress with not too much sparkle. Here are my favorite Charlotte’s Closet 8th grade graduation:

I know that graduating and going to high school can be an exciting time and can also be a scary time….or maybe a little of both. Be comfortable with who you are, have confidence in yourself and surround yourself with positive people. Just remember, the definition of the word “popular” is to be liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group…which means that EVERYONE is popular with someone. You don’t need to have a huge group of friends, all you really need are just a few good friends who like you just the way you are.

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