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Beauty Blender Review

My favorite makeup application tool is and has been the Beauty Blender. I mean how can you not fall in love with its egg shaped, squishy appearance and not to mention its FLAWLESS application, and the little egg grows twice its size!! If you aren’t sure how to use the Beauty Blender, don’t worry, its […]

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World’s Perfect Pageant Illinois 2015

This weekend I also had the opportunity to compete in the World’s Perfect Pageant system for Illinois. I had my makeup artist come before check in to do my makeup since we had check in from 10-11. After check in, we had orientation and rehearsal. The pattern was super cool and different, we actually walked […]

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Illinois American Coed Pageant 2015

My weekend was insanely hectic, but it was also very exciting. I had the opportunity to compete in the Illinois American Coed Pageant this weekend. This was my first pageant so needless to say I was a little bit nervous to see what was in store for me! Friday night was check in from 3-6 […]

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One of my favorite trends this summer is the romper! They are comfortable, classy, and dressy but in a casual way. Another thing I love is that the romper comes in so many variations! You can find different colors, patterns, necklines, strap styles, as well as lengths of the shorts, and tightness. Rompers have become […]

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Statement Necklace

One trend that I am loving right now are statement necklaces. This is a wonderful accessory that will add an extra oomph to your outfit. A statement necklace is a necklace that can be large, or multi-colored with an over the top design. Statement necklaces work well for simple outfits or simple necklines. You use […]

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Why I decided to try a pageant

I decided to challenge myself and do something that I had never tried before and really step outside my comfort zone. I used to love watching Kim of Queens. She is just so outgoing and I REALLY loved her opening on the show when she showed a picture of herself when she was young that […]

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