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Statement Necklace

One trend that I am loving right now are statement necklaces. This is a wonderful accessory that will add an extra oomph to your outfit. A statement necklace is a necklace that can be large, or multi-colored with an over the top design. Statement necklaces work well for simple outfits or simple necklines. You use the statement necklace to make a statement, hence the name. I love statement necklaces because they go with so many outfits. The necklace does not have to have the same colors as your outfit because the necklace is meant to stand out. You can match the statement necklace colors with a handbag or your shoes, or with nothing else in your outfit, as it stands on it’s own. Here a few examples of statement necklaces I love!

A statement necklace can add to your outfit BUT it can also take away from it. I try to stay away from prints and statement necklaces as well as any sort of beaded neckline. The necklace should be the main focus of your outfit and if your outfit is super busy or colorful, the necklace will be lost or overpowered by your outfit. There are many different shapes and sizes depending on your taste and choice of clothing. If you need some inspiration, check out the Ask Natalia section for her outfit of the week! Also, a lot of stores have put together outfits on mannequins that have statement necklaces because they are so on trend right now! If you don’t know where to find a statement necklace, check out Pink Slip Boutiques online store and remember to use my promo code HarleighPSRep for 10% off all your online purchases and free shipping always! And remember, keep sparkling!


Photography:  Stephanie Pana Photography

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