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Track Suits are Trendy Again

If you’re anything like me, then you will do anything to look cute but still be comfortable, which is why I’m going to share my favorite style trend of fall 2017 with you! They have a few different names but you might know them as tracksuits or sweatsuits. Sound familiar? That’s because some of the style icons our generation are also sporting these stylish but comfortable looks.  That’s right…track suits are trendy again.


They say everything old is new again, and these stylish sweatsuits are remisniscent of the Juicy Couture track suit craze in 2001.  Juicy Couture was the trailblazer when it comes to athleisure wear and they are back in a big way seizing the opportunity to marry the other hot fall trend, velvet, with comfort and style.  Juicy Couture has gone a step further and taken some of the other hot trends, like bomber jackets and off the shoulder and created different looks.  Here are some of my favorites:


track suit

Velour Bomber Jacket

embellished track pants

Studded Velour Track Pants

cold shoulder velour top

Velour off the shoulder top

Juicy Couture isn’t the only clothing brand jumping on this revival, take a look at some of my other favorite track suits:

Blush Velour Sweat Suit

Velour Jogger with Off the Shoulder Pullover

Red velour sweatpants and zip up hoodie

stylish sweatpants

Free People Sweatpants

There are so many variations on the tracksuit trend, you can find sweatpants and sweatshirts or tracksuits for any occasion, from dressy to casual.  I will be honest, the timing of this trend of casual style couldn’t be any better for me as a new college student.  These stylish tracksuits and sweatpants make it super easy for me to look great while also being comfortable, win win.

Thanks for reading, and sorry it’s been awhile, moving into my dorm and a busy few months with graduation and summer kept me away, but I am back!

Thought for the day….don’t sweat the small stuff.  With all the devastation cause by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and now Hurricane Irma on it’s way, remember that there are so many things in life that matter, so don’t waste time worrying about things that don’t.

Thanks for reading and as always….

Keep Sparkling!




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