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Mac Girls Model Search Diary of an Intern


Becoming an intern at Mac Duggal has truly been a dream come true for me. Not many girls my age get the opportunity of a lifetime to intern for one of the top designers in the world. I am obsessed with fashion and style and I have always been drawn to the formal wear side of the fashion industry, and having this amazing opportunity is something I am thankful for every day. For me, it’s not “work.” Going to “work,” is something I look forward to every week. I live, eat and sleep fashion, it is truly my passion. My parents have always told me, find your passion in life, if you can turn that into a career, you will never “work,” a day in your life. Learning about the Mac Duggal brand, Mac Duggal and Ieena Duggal the designers, and being around so much creativity has been such a surreal experience, I am seriously pinching myself, even as I write this.   From the philosophy of the designers to the finished product, I am truly……A MAC GIRL. That’s why when the model search for Mac Girls was announced, I asked if I could help. I didn’t care what was needed….coffee, lunch, take the garbage out, I definitely wanted to be there. My goal is to give my all as an intern, absorb everything and learn as much as I can so that someday, I can turn my passion into a career.

Mac Duggal intern Harleigh

Ok..ok, maybe I tried to sneak in and audition

As fate would have it, I was going to be in New York for fashion week in February, and the New York Mac Girl model search was going to be taking place as well as being home in Chicago when the Mac Girl model search took place here so I was able to intern at both. Ieena Duggal, who just recently debuted her own gorgeous collection, would be choosing the Mac Girls. Becoming a Mac Girl is an amazing opportunity for the lucky girls chosen. Mac Girls are more than just models, they are brand ambassadors. Mac Girls attend and model in the trade shows across the country, as well as model for the Mac Duggal look book, the website and are featured across all of Mac Duggal’s social media, being seen by hundreds of thousands of people. That sort of exposure and experience is invaluable.

Mac Duggal Intern Harleigh

I, like the thousands of girls who showed up at the casting calls around the country, was curious to see what it takes to be a Mac Girl. Honestly, I have never seen so many gorgeous girls in one place at one time, it was hard to imagine how Ieena would choose. What I learned though is that there is no ONE definition of a Mac Girl. The philosophy of Mac Duggal is everything for every girl worldwide. Their collections are as diverse as they are beautiful, and in fitting with their philosophy, every collection has dresses that appeal to every girl…worldwide. So, as brand ambassadors, Mac Girls are as diverse and different as the dresses and collections themselves.


A Mac Girl is confident in herself, has a positive attitude, is enthusiastic, classy and elegant, mixed with a little sassiness and spunk. Confidence shines through in the way she carries herself, right down to the way she walks. How you walk and how you carry yourself is as much a part of your look as the dress itself. You could have on the most beautiful dress in the world, but if your head is down, and your shoulders are slumped, you might as well be wearing black tights with white kitten pumps. A great smile and a good attitude are always the best accessories. Last but not least, a Mac Girl is not defined by any one physical type. A Mac Girl is as much about who you are inside as who you are on the outside, it’s an attitude and inner beauty that shine through and bring the dresses to life.


So as an intern, here are some things I learned and will hopefully help you at the next Mac Girl model searches.


  1. Be yourself
  2. Smile and bring positive energy
  3. Be confident
  4. Put your best foot forward, meaning show up looking your best-leave the sweatpants and Uggs at home
  5. Familiarize yourself with the collections and the brand
  6. There is a Mac Girl in every one of us….it’s an attitude not just a certain look



See you at the next model search….and as always…..


Keep Sparkling!



Mac Duggal Mac Girls model search

Mac Duggal Model Search

Mac Duggal Mac Girls

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