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BKR Haute Hydration

Who says your water bottle can’t be as fabulous as your outfit?

My newest obsession is BKR water bottles which I love to call Haute Hydration. The geniuses behind the brand, Tal Winter & Kate Cutler came up with these cool water bottles as an alternative to the ugly, plastic disposable bottles (which are also not good for the environment!). Water is the best moisturizer, wrinkle cream, and highlighter. Many celebs & dermatologists insist that water is the only way to keep skin moisturized. Honestly, I was never a huge water drinker but these bottles adorable & sleek designs are my go to accessory and help keep me on track with making sure I stay hydrated, and BKR bottles are so chic that they are more like an accessory that I enjoy carrying than a boring old water bottle. Another thing I love is that the glass bottle doesn’t have the plastic or metal taste that most other bottles give. Worried it will break, fear not, the shatter proof design of the BKR bottle also makes it worry free to take on the go. If for some reason you break it within the first 90 days, BKR will replace it! They’ve paid attention to every detail and put the wow in water bottles. Here are some of my favorites:

pink water bottle

Hot Pink Studded BKR

cool water bottles

Pink BKR with Silver heart

came water bottle

Came Green BKR bottle

Although BKR keeps my water cold for hours, I love the ice cube tray maker because it gives me the extra freeze and few hours for the cold!

BKR is definitely a college essential! I can’t go a day without one of these stylish water bottles & I hope I never have to!

To find your perfect BKR bottle, check out their collection here.

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