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Welcome to my first blog! I was super excited to be asked by Charlotte’s Closet to blog about trends and styles for teen party dresses and prom dresses. I admit it I am one of those girls that wants to wear a new dress whenever I have to dress up to go somewhere. What I love the most about Charlotte’s Closet is that I can borrow a dress from their great selection for any place I need to go! They carry many designers for Sweet 16 party dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses, pageant gowns, and school dance dresses. Prom dress rental is a really affordable way to look great for every occasion and my closet is no longer full of dresses that I will probably never wear again. I love to see the new styles that come out each year and Charlotte’s Closet allows me to wear all the new great styles without having to buy five or six new dresses each year. Borrowing a prom dress means spending less, and spending less on a prom dress leaves more money in my budget for my other passion, shoes! HAHA, that is another blog for another day!

With the 2015 prom season in full swing one of the trends that Harleigh hearts is the two piece prom dress, also known as the crop top. This style is so fun and flirty and there are so many great ways to pair the skirt part of the dress. There are so many different styles of prom dresses, the princess prom dress, which is the full ball gown prom dress, the mermaid style prom dress and the classic elegant flowing chiffon prom dress. The two piece prom dress can be paired with any of those style of skirts which is why so many girls with different tastes in prom dresses are choosing the two piece, it looks great with any skirt you choose to pair it with. Other cool trends Harleigh hearts in the 2015 prom dresses styles are the lace overlay and my all time personal favorite, bejeweled. Who doesn’t love to sparkle in a dress? That is another reason Harleigh hearts the two piece prom dress, the top can be blinged out with crystals, or could have lace overlay. So many different options with the two piece prom dress make it appealing for us as it comes in many different styles both in the top and the skirt. Make sure to scroll down and to see what colors I am loving this week under Harleigh’s Hues News.

Check out Charlotte’s Closet founder Jen Lane Forman discussing this years great new styles for the 2015 prom dress season, and yours truly modeling a two piece prom dress

Charlotte's Closet (prom dress rental company) WCIU You and Me Morning Show

Charlotte’s Closet WCIU You and Me Morning Show


       Thanks for reading the first blog of Harleigh hearts, next week I will be talking about my other favorite hot new trend, prom dresses with cut outs.







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