Summer Hair Trends and Pageant hair trends by top Chicago Stylist and Pageant Coach Jonathan Abernathy

Recently I had the  opportunity to interview Jonathan Abernathy.  Jonathan Abernathy the owner of Platinum Images Styling is a top Chicago hair stylist, personal image stylist, as well as one of the best Illinois pageant coaches.  Due to his incredible style, experience in pageant coaching and his knowledge of the many different pageant systems and criteria, he has served as a judge for several pageant systems, making him an expert in what it takes to be successful in pageants.  His encouraging attitude and positive nature are just a few of the the characteristics that make Jonathan a highly sought after stylist and pageant coach.  He is a fitness guru as well who practices clean eating and meal preparation.  All of his credentials are one of the reasons I personally chose Jonathan as my pageant coach and stylist. The looks he has created for me and his other clients are amazing. His eye is incredible and he knows how to match your personality with great hair and clothing.  His pageant coaching skills in interview and stage presence create self confidence and poise.  He was gracious enough to share his thoughts on his favorite summer hair trends for 2015, his favorite pageant hair trends, his favorite styling tools and so much more.

Q. What is your favorite hairstyle for the summer?

A. My favorite hairstyle for the summer is soft waves, with two side braids or twist pulled back and clasped together. If it’s really hot then you can ponytail it and you still have a super cute style!


Q. Do you prefer a curling iron or a curling wand?

A. It really depends on the look I’m creating with the hair at the time. I love my wands for waves and my curling irons of fullness and body!


Q. For a pageant, do you prefer and updo or do you prefer hair down?

A. For Pageants the hairstyle depends on the dress, accessories and the client. The modern spin on updos are do’s that are full of little details but look very “Undone”, if you know what I mean and I feel are much more appropriate for the red carpet versus a pageant. I do however love be half-up half-down or even full and curled over one shoulder.


Q. I know you have judged multiple pageant systems, what is it that makes someone a winner in your eyes?

A. For me there are so many factors in determining a winner. I look for poise, confidence, someone who’s relatable and intelligent with a sense of self and some social awareness, those are just a few things that makes a girl a winner!


Q. Do you have any favorite products for hair in the summer, and why?

A. I am a bonafide product Junkie! For the summer I think it’s all about being easy. Many of my clients are social butterflies so my main goal is to keep their hair manageable and healthy! Moroccan oil is great for moisture, shine and softness. I love Kenra holding spray for a good workable hold in the summer heat.


Q. What are some of your favorite workout routines for the summer?

A. I love working out in the summer because you don’t have to be in a gym! I love jogging on the lake, playing tennis and doing tons of routines that use your own body weight so they can be done anywhere and anytime!


Q. Do you have any summer recipes to help stay fit?

A. The funny thing is I pretty much eat the same things all the time! The most important thing is for you to understand your body. identify your goal and be realistic. The best tip I can give you is portion control, use your the palm of your hand as a guide to what’s a serving size for you.


Q. What kinds of services does Platinum Images Styling offer?

A. Platinum Images offers Hairstyling, Wardrobe styling, Pageant coaching and the occasional therapy session (Just kidding)! My hair services are comprehensive and I work on ALL hair types, textures and lengths. Wardrobe styling is comprehensive as well, no matter the occasion, I’ll rise to it! Pageant Coaching, just like the others are comprehensive with in-depth training for interviewing, Hairstyling, wardrobe selection, Make-up, headshot selections, stage presence and much more!


Q. What are some of your favorite pageant systems and why?

A. I think that all pageant systems serve their purpose, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. No matter the system, the important thing to me when I’m coaching for a pageant is that my client take something positive from the experience whether she takes the crown or not. Coming out a little more confident, poised and motivated makes me happy!


Q. I know Platinum Images does headshot packages, tell us about what that includes and how it works?

A. Platinum Images headshot packages include hairstyling by the wonderful, fabulous, uber-talented Me! A Make-up artist and Photographer is chosen from my database based on the clients needs. To learn more please visit


Q. How Did you get your start in the beauty industry?

A. I’ve always had a passion for beauty, fashion and all of that. I attempted to go against it by studying Biology in college but the divine didn’t allow it! I did tons of freelance wardrobe and hairstyling before attending beauty school and receiving my cosmetology license. The rest is history. This is an industry where you have to hit the ground running because it changes everyday!


Q. What keeps you motivated?

A. It’s so many things that keep me motivated, My clients who depend on me so much, my circle of friends who fill me with positive energy,  my family who’s believes in me so much, my little brothers who I want to be proud of their big brother, my mom who I want to be able to give the world to, all the young stylist who tell me I motivate them- they just don’t know how much that motivates me. You can’t do anything great alone, I love and appreciate all of these people.


Jonathan Abernathy as the stylist for the official Crown and Banner shoot for Miss Illinois Zena Malak and Miss Illinois Teen Olivia Pura


Jonathan Abernathy’s amazing sense of style is one of the reason he is a sought after pageant coach and stylist


Yours truly with Jonathan at a recent pageant


Jonathan, Dj & I at the Pink Slip Boutique fashion show benefitting pediatric cancer


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FB: Platinum Images



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